Investment Focus

Our focus is on Private Equity, Real Estate and Venture Capital. Select invests opportunistically across the entire capital structure. Our investment sweet spot allows for attractive entry multiples, as it is too large for individuals and too small for institutional investors.

Private Equity

We focus on mid market companies in uncorrelated industries that are supported by secular growth trends such as software, health care services and technology enabled business services. Together with our partners, we seek to invest in cash generating and recurring businesses, with the potential to pursue a dedicated buy-and-build strategy with a clear geographic multiple arbitrage.

Real Estate

In Real Estate we have historically been focused on affordable multi-family, senior and student housing, as well as commercial and opportunistic real estate transactions. We have a strong track record in development and value-add investments globally. Our portfolio spans across the United States, Australia, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, Austria, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Philippines, India and Korea. 

Venture Capital

We allocate capital to established startups and specialized Venture Capital funds with top tier track records. Select’s investment focus lies in uncorrelated business models. Typically B2B companies with a high share of recurring revenues. Over 60% of Select’s current Venture Capital portfolio is focused on software companies. We seek high growth, high margin business models partnering with entrepreneurs, who are building technologies for the next generation.

Special Opportunities

Thanks to our proprietary network of investors and partners we have access to a wide range of private market opportunities. Our execution speed and structuring expertise allow us to flexibly participate in such investments. This has led to opportunistic investments into infrastructure, pre-IPOs, IPOs, privatizations and targeted non-bank lending.

Investing Successfully for Over a Decade

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Our Platform

Steady Dealflow

We underwrite and structure 8-10 deals p.a. across different markets and asset classes, offering diverse risk / return profiles. All deals are sourced in-house through our proprietary global partner network.

Discretion & Flexibility

No blind pool risk. Investors select and invest on a deal by deal basis. Individual portfolios are freely built based on investors’ risk appetite, existing exposure and diversification desires.

Streamlined Investing

Seamless and fully digitalized subscription and investment process. Investments are securitized, listed / purchased on the stock exchange, held in investors’ custody accounts and consolidated in bank statements.

Alignment of Interests

Select Alternative Investments always invests alongside our investors and we require co-investments by our local partners in every deal. Fair, aligned and transparent back-ended fees.


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